About Us

We are very happy that you took the time to look at our products. Maybe you can give us a few minutes to tell you more about our desire to help make your Christmas holidays even more wonderful.

Miss Christmas was born out of our family’s love for Christmas ornaments. These wonderful, colorful works of glass art are not only lovely to look at, but we think they have a special value because a decorated Christmas tree is the centrepiece around which people gather to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Our Christmas trees carry the memories of Christmases past, the times filled with love and joy, the meals shared and the gifts given and received. We also can’t forget all those afternoons or evenings spent decorating the tree together. In our home, we still use ornaments my Grandfather gave my Mother, and which hung on the family tree long ago!

Because of our love for the holidays, we visited Christmas ornament workshops while traveling in Europe. We found some that produce amazing, handmade glass ornaments of the highest quality, which are sold in high end retail stores. Each piece is made with craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can see the slideshow below about how an ornament comes to be. The creations at some places really wowed us, stood above the rest, and so we decided to make a small dream come true by making these handmade treasures available to others as well.

This is our third year offering Miss Christmas ornaments and the reaction has been terrific. We've tried to find the best ornaments from the best producers and keep the prices low.

All Miss Christmas ornaments come individually packed in a beautiful blue box, ready to be given as a gift.

We hope you find something you love, and continue this wonderful family tradition with us next year!